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Dating Articles

What Not To Say On The First Date

Everyone tells you what to say on a first date. Here we’re going to tell you what not to say on the first date. There are a whole host of things that you shouldn’t talk about on your first date. Some things are better talked about later on. Sure, at some point you’ll...

Dating Advice

The best dating advice anyone will ever give you is just to enjoy the entire process. Dating shouldn't be nerve-wracking or anything like that. Sure, you’re going to get nervous on first dates. Everyone is nervous when they first go out on a date. The anxiety should...

Dating Questions

The purpose of asking questions on a first date is that they allow you to get to know the person better. They also give you something to talk about to break the ice. It can be quite difficult to find things to converse about if your date is a stranger. Dating someone...

Dating Ideas

Dating ideas can be quite difficult to come by. Sometimes you’ve really got to think outside the box to spice things up a bit. While the purpose of dating may be to find the perfect match, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Hopefully, you’ll find these ideas...

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