The best dating advice anyone will ever give you is just to enjoy the entire process. Dating shouldn’t be nerve-wracking or anything like that. Sure, you’re going to get nervous on first dates. Everyone is nervous when they first go out on a date. The anxiety should leave as time goes on. Don’t mistake anxiety for excitement. You should feel excited when around someone who genuinely interests you.

Be yourself at all times

You always want to be yourself no matter what. If you have to fake who you are, then back out of the relationship. You’re starting on the wrong foot, and it’s going to end horribly. How will you build a solid foundation for a relationship if it’s all lies? You’re not going to be able to and the relationship will falter because of it. Living a lie is no good, and it will get you nowhere fast. Anyone who doesn’t accept you for who you are isn’t worth your time.

Don’t forget to have fun

Some people take dating way too serious. You don’t know if a first date will turn into a second date. Even if it does, that doesn’t mean much of anything. You could very well go on a string of dates and end up leaving it at that. Long-term relationships have a way of forming out of nowhere. You can’t plan them, and there’s no way to predict when it will happen. A long-term relationship is a result of you putting forth the effort and taking the risk. It’s almost as if everything has to happen perfectly for it to happen.

Just have fun. Do whatever you think is fun and enjoy yourself. Throw caution to the wind and be yourself. Why should you take it so seriously because it may not last? The biggest mistake people make is putting too much pressure on themselves. This can especially be the case if you’re a little older and are trying to find a mate. Slow your roll and enjoy the whole process. If your date ends up merely being a friend, then you very well could have a friend for life. That in itself makes the entire effort worthwhile. You can’t force someone to be a good match for you. It doesn’t work that way, and dating never turns out good if you do that.

The goal of dating is to get married someday

Hopefully, that doesn’t put too much pressure on you. But, it’s the truth. You should want to find a mate that you can live the rest of your life with. Dating is the process that you screen through people to see if they’re marriage potential. A healthy and happy life is one that you get to share with someone else. If you’re young, dating can be seen as a form of entertainment. Though, you’ve got to take it more serious than that. Almost everyone reading this at some point in their life will want to have a significant other. If this is your goal, then dating is the interview process that makes it happen.