Everyone tells you what to say on a first date. Here we’re going to tell you what not to say on the first date. There are a whole host of things that you shouldn’t talk about on your first date. Some things are better talked about later on. Sure, at some point you’ll want to talk about these things. There should be nothing off limits when you’re in a relationship. You’re not in a relationship when going on a first date. You can’t even really say you’re friends unless you had a friendship before dating.

Never talk about politics

We are in a very heated political season. Everyone seems to have very strong views. Don’t even think of discussing politics on your first date. Save that discussion for later on when you see if the person is worthy of more dates. Politics can be such a heated issue, and your partner doesn’t really need to have the same views as you. There are plenty of couples who have different political views. It’s not as important as you think it is. If it is to you, then take up a new hobby.

Don’t ask how many people they’ve dated

Keep all those numbers questions for later on. Who cares at this point if they’ve never been on a date or if they’ve dated a hundred people? Also remember, dating doesn’t make someone promiscuous. A person can date multiple people and not have sex with them. All of that should be the least of your concern right now. You can ask all about their history down the line. You don’t even know if the first date will lead to a second one.

Avoid talking about your ex at all costs

Just don’t do it. You may have had the worst ex in the entire world. There will be more than enough opportunities to talk about them if down the line. You don’t want to sound like a country music song on a record that skips. No one cares on a first date how bad of a person they were. Some people talk about their former lovers more than themselves. Give it a break. Let it go and just enjoy yourself. You’ll give the impression that you’re not over your ex. If that’s the case, then there’s more baggage than your new potential mate can deal with.

Keep talking about your date’s appearance to a minimum

You may be totally smitten with them. You could also think they can stand to lose ten pounds. Keep all of that stuff to yourself. It’s perfectly okay to tell your date that you think they look nice. You can even make comments about their hair or outfit. You don’t want to go overboard and drool all over them. It’s also a bad idea to point out things you don’t like about them. Now isn’t the time to say that you think their beard is disgusting. If you find the guy attractive and your type, it’s possible to ask him to shave it off later on. He’ll probably do it too if he’s really into you.

The first date should be fun

No one knows what’s going to happen after the first date. You’ll have more first dates than second dates. Keep it all lighthearted and have yourself a good time. Don’t be too deep or take it all too seriously. You’ve got to understand that dating a lot like fishing in the sense that you spend a lot of time catching nothing. That’s just the way dating is, and there’s nothing wrong with you. If you keep this in mind, you’ll be much more at ease on a first date. You’ll also be able to avoid any of the landmines we talked about above.